Resource Efficiency

In rural areas people often have to make the best use of what they have and share this with their families and neighbours. An example of this is a scheme in the Netherlands where farmers share large machinery which would not normally be used for long periods of time. This is a machinery ring or syndicate.

Other resources are also becoming expensive and scarce . Energy and transport are 2 examples of valuable resources in rural areas which are being threatened. Distances are long and public transport inadequate.

Resources is a broad term, it includes access to information, access to services (such as medical care, cleaning, libraries, schools) and access to work or infrastructure (ICT, broadband etc).

We need to find ways to make the best use of these limited resources.

There are exciting new ways for enterprises and communities to join forces in developing and delivering rural goods and services, breaking reliance on others, building self-reliance. Many rural areas are now developing their own infrastructure to make their own local energy production - taking control of their own resources. Have a look here for tips and fact sheets

resource efficiency