Policy Recommendation Papers

The Rural Alliances Project has developed a series of policy recommendation papers to influence local, regional, national and European Union level governments. These papers are linked with the factsheets on a range of different subjects. You are invited to download the factsheets or policy recommendation papers, these have been cross referenced for your convenience.

Factsheet Title
Prefix Policy Recommendation Paper Title 1. (+Fr) Alliance Building Concepts 2. Demographic change in N.W.E. 3. (+Fr) Alternative Financial Systems 4. (+Fr) Local Enterprise Trading System 5. (+Fr) Crowdfunding 6. (+Fr) Timebanking 7. (+Fr) Regional Accounts 8. Exchange Market 9. The WIR Community Bank 10. Welsh Timebanking Innovations 11. Totally Locally 12. (+Fr) Governance in the context of Rural Alliances 13. The Oijsterwijk Model 14. (+NL) Groene Woud Participation Principle 15. Governance and how to act as government 16. Transition Theory 17. (+Fr) Cartes Outiles/Mapping Tools 18. (+Fr) Attractivity of Coevrons Alliance 19. Building Social Capital 20. (+Fr) Business Inclusion 21. Lifelong Learning 22. Demographic Ageing and Rural Alliances 23. Ambassadors 24. (+Fr) New Concepts of Mobility 25. Eco Standards for Destinatioins 26. The Taborschool Approach 27. Hay-Ho! Bus 28. (+Fr) RVMI 29. Rural Vibes Toolkit 30. Het Groene Woud Vibrancy Agenda
1 Changing role of inhabitants x x                   x                   x                
2 Changing role of government                       x x x x                              
3 Resource efficiency     x x x x x x x x x               x x                    
4 Cultural differences x                                 x       x   x            
5 Recognising need to support new financial tools     x x x x x x x x x         x                            
6 Boosting capacity for communities & businesses x   x x x x x x x x x                             x        
7 Heritage values - a way to connect people x                   x                             x        
8 Overcoming barriers to leisure use of public transport                                                     x      
9 Development of a co-operative short chain food supply system     x x                                           x        
10 Local Governance x                     x x x x                              
11 Enabling communities to benefit from local energy assets                               x                            
12 Newcomers' initiative x x                   x     x     x x     x   x            
13 Regional houses, goal and role as an intermediary in a network x                     x x x x                              
14 The Big Bang: Stimulating New Alliances x                                                          
15 The changing role of government x                     x     x                              
16 Building community resilience x                                   x x       x            
17 Skilled worker shortage in rural areas x x                                       x                
18 Care of the Environment (road verges) in Rural Areas                                                            
19 What kinds of governance need to be devised?   x                   x x x x           x                  
20 Governance for Rural Areas   x                   x x x x           x                  
21 Turning a business-isolated region into a promising territory   x                 x x     x x     x x                    
22 Storytelling x                                                          
23 Strong Alliances with the ACES card x                                                         x