Settlements, villages and towns in the countryside have a long tradition of being places where most people know each other, help each other out and take part in markets, festivals and key events together.

This is changing.

A lot of young people have to leave their country roots to seek higher education and new prospects, and never return. The remaining rural community wonder how long public transport and medical services will support them, the elder folk worry about how long they can remain in their own house. All of them wish to continue to be part of rural life and affairs.

New people are desperately needed to sustain rural communities; people from the cities, people from other regions and even other countries. Coming to a new area can be daunting. How do you make new friends, find out what is happening and how do you find a way of contributing to your new community?

The Rural Alliances project has develop a range of methods to find ways of including different types of people to help rural areas blossom and grow.

How to make choice of mobility options fun?

"Cartes Outils" or "Mapping Tools" enables the players to consider choices, to arrive at solutions to challenges. This game promotes a great deal of discussion between the participants and an understanding that 'one size does not fit all.' Read on...