Rural Alliances

The Rural Alliances Project brought together 12 partners from North West Europe to tackle the challenges of demographic change in rural areas. These challenges included: young people leaving rural towns and villages; the elderly becoming increasingly isolated & in need of social and medical care; shops, post offices, pubs, public toilets and telephone boxes closing; and increasingly difficult environments for setting up and running sustainable businesses.

The project tackled these challenges by actively bringing rural communities and businesses together capitalising on their two distinct attributes. Rural businesses with their "make it happen" attitudes with the values of rural communities of loyalty, pride and self-esteem to create over 76 Rural Alliances. Together they have reshaped their areas to make them friendly, buzzing and vibrant, creating a more stable future for all their residents. Rural Alliances cover a wide spectrum of activities, from health care, renewable energy, food, tourism, festivals, arts and crafts and financial engineering. The alliances have worked at local, regional and transnational levels. They have included improving rural inclusion, resource efficiency, alternatives to conventional finances and rural governance. Links to all these examples can be found on this web site. Our facebook page also has lots of information, click here to link up with our vibrant rural community.

We are grateful to the Interreg IVB North West Europe Funding and the 12 Partners for their funding, time, expertise and experience that they have provided and now share with others who wish to improve their rural areas. This web site provides tools, fact sheets and resources for you to use in your own rural areas.

Detailed information is available in our Final Report: